Like today, Blackburn in 2016 had an incredibly diverse population with 31% of the 150,000 residents coming from the Ethnic minority. This collection of portraits celebrates these individuals who are integral to the local and wider community.

In any local community there are unique factors that give it strength and vitality; it’s people, it’s environment and it’s trade. Blackburn, a post industrial town in the North West of England has one of the youngest populations in Europe (in 2016), a strong manufacturing platform but also has its unique heritage in cotton and trade.

Innovation in weaving made Blackburn one of the first industrialised towns in the world but this large scale industry has since declined and the town, like many others faces high unemployment and a lack of social mobility. Since the 1950’s the population has become increasingly diverse through significant immigration form the Indian subcontinent.

In 2016 almost 150,000 people living in Blackburn identified as Ethnic Minority, compared to 14 per cent in Great Britain as a whole.

Lifeblood is a photographic exploration celebrating Blackburn’s 31%, providing the humanistic, hard working insight in to a static that defines Blackburn’s strength and vitality. Click here to visit the gallery.

The project captured the interest of the National media with BBC News featuring the project.


Here are the Notes to the Editor/links to resources

Richard Tymon is a professional photographer specialising in People / Products / Place – Portfolio

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